Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa

Welcome to the DACCIWA website

The Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa (DACCIWA) project ist funded by the European Union 7th Framework Programm to investigate the influence of anthropogenic and natural emissions on the atmospheric composition over South West Africa and to assess their impact on human and ecosystem health and agricultural productivity.

It is a large project (~€10M) with project partners in Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Ghana and Nigeria.

It forms part of a cluster of projects funded by the European Union to investigate aerosols and climate.

The text of this website is available for modification and reuse under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution - Sharealike 3.0 Unported License and the GNU Free Documentation License (unversioned, with no invariant sections, front-cover texts or back-cover texts).

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Policy Documents
Author: DACCIWA Consortium
This policy covers the use of data (including quick looks) collected during DACCIWA field experiments by institutions and individual scientists participating in the project. This will include data generated in collaboration with partners paid through subcontracts.
DACCIWA has received funding from the European Union 7th Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement no. 603502
01 December 2017
Welcome to the 6th DACCIWA newsletter containing information on the DACCIWA publications, policy brief, collaborators and much more.
09 June 2017
Welcome to the fifth DACCIWA newsletter containing information on the DACCIWA special session at EGU, data availability, upcoming overview publication and much more.
03 May 2017
Film teams from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and University of Toulouse accompanied the DACCIWA team on it's main field campaign in summer 2016. The informative movie is now available at YouTube.
08 December 2016
Welcome to the Fourth newsletter of the DACCIWA Project! This newsletter is part of our effort to communicate our research activities with the scientific community, the general public and policymakers.
27 October 2016
The ULISSE / DACCIWA movie is about the logistic and scientific aspects of the field campaign. Produced by Arnaud Mansat.
Research Publications
Air Pollution and Health
17 April 2018
Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18 (5173-5198)
Author: Julien Bahino, Véronique Yoboué, Corinne Galy-Lacaux, Marcellin Adon, Aristide Akpo, Sékou Keita, Cathy Liousse, Eric Gardrat, Christelle Chiron, Money Ossohou, Sylvain Gnamien, and Julien Djossou
Radiative Processes
26 March 2018
Publication: AMS: Jounal of Climate ()
Author: Peter G. Hill, Richard P. Allan, Christine Chiu, Alejandro Bodas-Salcedo, Peter Knippertz
Boundary Layer Dynamics
01 March 2018
Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18 (2913-2928)
Author: Norbert Kalthoff, Fabienne Lohou, Barbara Brooks, Gbenga Jegede, Bianca Adler, Karmen Babic, Cheikh Dione, Adewale Ajao, Leonard K. Amekudzi, Jeffrey N. A. Aryee, Muritala Ayoola, Geoffrey Bessardon, Sylvester K. Danuor, Jan Handwerker, Martin Kohler, Marie Lothon, Xabier Pedruzo-Bagazgoitia, Victoria Smith, Lukman Sunmonu, AndreasWieser, Andreas H. Fink, and Peter Knippertz
Atmospheric Chemistry
23 February 2018
Publication: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, (2687–2707)
Author: Laurent Menut, Cyrille Flamant, Solène Turquety, Adrien Deroubaix, Patrick Chazette, and Rémi Meynadier