Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa
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Wed 7th June 2017 to Fri 9th June 2017
IGAC Africa Science Activity: Scoping Workshop,7-9 June 2017, South Africa
Excellent atmospheric science and air quality research is being done across Africa, but efforts are often limited in duration or regionally isolated. This workshop will begin to address these issues, with goals to establish the state of African atmospheric science, find areas for collaboration and sharing expertise, and work towards identifying the pressing science questions where the African and international science community can work together.

Our central goal is to produce a position paper

, to be drafted at the workshop. Togetherwith the workshop discussion, this will clarify the community’s thinking about opportunities, risks and priorities for new science areas and increased collaboration, including highlighting where resource might be lacking and needed. It can serve as a draft roadmap for atmospheric science research across the continent as well as a basis for future science programs and funding bids, including a potential IGAC Africa Science Activity (www.igacproject.org) or initiative related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Workshop format and guiding questions

The workshop will begin with an ice breaker and initial plenary session, with invited
presentations to set the scene and outline the goals. Breakout groups, formed of different stakeholder groups will then tackle our overarching questions, with the aim to produce text to be included in our report. The breakout sessions will be interspersed with plenary sessions, where we can discuss and reflect on the different contributions, working towards the overall goal. The strength will be from the contribution of a broad range of stakeholder groups.

Our initial questions:
  1. What are the broad atmospheric science questions for Africa?
  2. What is the current state of African atmospheric science research? What has been done, and what does it show, and does it meet stakeholder needs?
  3. How can the global community collaborate to work towards answering these questions?


Places will be limited and those interested should complete our online form
(http://bit.ly/2njm5ck). Limited support for travel will be available to enable participation of
African delegates; please indicate your need on the form. Please also get in touch if you require a letter of invitation for a South African visa.

Registration closes 15th May 2017.

Further information

The agenda will be circulated shortly.

Contact Information:


Rebecca Garland, CSIR (local organiser; rgarland@csir.co.za); Christine Braban, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK (chri2@ceh.ac.uk); Paul Young, Lancaster University, UK