Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa
08 December 2016
DACCIWA Newsletter Autumn 2016
Welcome to the Fourth newsletter of the DACCIWA Project! This newsletter is part of our effort to communicate our research activities with the scientific community, the general public and policymakers.
The last issue was all about the planning activities for our big field campaign in June and July this year. Now we can – a little proudly – report that the field campaign was the success we had all hoped and worked for for such a long time. Not everything went perfectly smoothly, as one would expect for such a large coordinated effort, but overall we are more than satisfied with the unique and comprehensive dataset obtained. And more importantly, everybody returned home safe and sound from the field, and no equipment was damaged. Currently, the data are being quality controlled and uploaded to our database at http://baobab.sedoo.fr/DACCIWA. The final years of the project will be now about the analysis of these observations, providing a solid foundation for an improved understanding, modelling and monitoring of the atmosphere over southern West Africa well beyond the project duration.
Thank you for your continued interest in DACCIWA!

Peter Knippertz, project coordinator and the DACCIWA newsletter team