Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa
09 June 2017
DACCIWA Newsletter Summer 2017
Welcome to the fifth DACCIWA newsletter containing information on the DACCIWA special session at EGU, data availability, upcoming overview publication and much more.
Dear Reader,
this newsletter – the fifth of its kind – is part of our effort to communicate our research activities with the scientific community, the general public and policymakers. If you missed previous newsletters, you can find them on our webpage www.dacciwa.eu, together with much more information on the project and the involved parties, and the new DACCIWA documentary film.
In the last issue we reported about the successful DACCIWA field campaign in West Africa in June-July 2016. Now most of the rich dataset we have collected has been quality controlled and uploaded to our database at http://baobab.sedoo.fr/DACCIWA, from where it will be freely available to the scientific community after the end of the project in November 2018. The analysis of these observations is now under full swing and will provide a solid foundation for an improved understanding, modelling and monitoring of the atmosphere over southern West Africa. In addition, we have now submitted overview papers to document the data and some first research highlights as well as the meteorological and chemical evolution during the campaign period. We also had our first DACCIWA-organised session on the atmospheric composition, weather and climate of Sub-Saharan Africa at the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union in Vienna in the last week of April. The session contained 17 oral presentations and 40 posters, many of which by DACCIWA early-career scientists.
Thank you for your continued interest in DACCIWA!
Peter Knippertz, project coordinator