Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa
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Deliverable Category Boundary Layer Dynamics
Summary This report is the second deliverable of WP1 and aims at giving information about the data quality control of datasets acquired at the three supersites (Savè, Kumasi and Ile-Ife) during the DACCIWA ground campaign.
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The ground campaign in June and July 2016, covering a period of 7 weeks with 16 intensive operation periods, providing a unique data set with very few instrumentation failures as shown by the instrumentation status table (see deliverable D1.1). Thus, the experiment was very successful.

The September-December 2016 period was devoted to the data quality control by the operators and the upload to the DACCIWA data base. This report summarizes this work with information on the applied data quality control procedure, and the dataset available in the data base.
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