Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa
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Name D1.3 Detailled case studies
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Deliverable Category Boundary Layer Dynamics
Summary A report of significant case studiesarising from the following manifestations of the boundary layer: very persistent stratus decks, cloud free nights, strong low-level jets (LLJs), precipitation events, strong sea-breeze and convergence.
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In this report, occurrences of the low-level clouds (LLCs) and LLJs within the boundary layer, and the impact of LLC on the surface energy budgets at the three supersites, together with monsoonal rainfall events that occurred during the DACCIWA campaign, particularly during the IOPs, have been discussed in detail below.
Fifteen (15) cases within the months of June and July, 2016 were studied. Concerted efforts were made to synchronise simultaneous measurements of the surface meteorological parameters, radiosonde (or tethersonde), ceilometer, cloud radar and sodar at the three sites, depending on available instrumentation (Kalthoff et al., 2018).
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