Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa
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Name D1.4 LES simulations
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Deliverable Category Boundary Layer Dynamics
Summary A report of the realization of idealized numerical experiments with stratus/stratocumulus clouds at a very high resolution by Large Eddy Simulation model (LES) to adequately represent the gradients and the motions within the lowest part of the atmosphere.
Full Information The final aim of this study is to simulate a cloud thinning and break up transition during the day based on idealized conditions of the DACCIWA campaign, and to evaluate the main factors that lead to the maintainance of low stratus, its thinning and its break up, as it was very often observed during the meteorological campaign of DACCIWA (Kalthoff et al., 2018). Currently the needed equilibrium in cloud conditions before adding the thinning and break up factors is being explored and defined.

We describe briefly the model used, the settings and the initial conditions and large scale forcings used in Section 2 of this report. Section 3 includes the results of the reference simulation for equilibrium as well as sensitivity studies on cloud droplet concentrations, large scale advection and shortwave radiation.
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