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Name D2.1 Emission inventories
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Deliverable Category Air Pollution and Health
Summary This deliverable in the framework of WP2-DACCIWA consists in the first version of African fossil fuel (FF), biofuel (BF), gas flaring and waste burning emission inventories for the 1990-2013 period for the major atmospheric compounds (gases and particles).
Full Information Presently, there is one African regional inventory dealing with biofuel and fossil fuel emissions (Liousse et al., 2014) and only global emission inventories including Africa. Developing a regional inventory for gases and particles is not an easy task: the DACCIWA project has allowed to organize a framework suitable for this development through regrouping several investigators. The aim conducted through the PhD of S. KEITA, University Felix Houphouet Boigny and Laboratoire d'aérologie is to set an African database on fuel consumption and new emission factor measurements. Note that the only existing African inventory (Liousse et al., 2014) did not take into account other sources of pollution than biofuel and fossil fuel such as flaring and waste burning yet not negligible in Africa. The inclusion of these sources in the new inventory and also new emissions factor measurements will reduce the uncertainties on anthropogenic emissions in Africa. Moreover, Liousse et al. (2014) is for 2005 and 2030 whereas our work will allow to take into account temporal variability of emissions from 1990 to 2013.
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