Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa
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Name D4.1 Campaign: Summary document for aerosol-cloud campaign
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Deliverable Category Cloud-Aerosol Interactions
Summary The aim of this report is to provide all participants of DACCIWA with a summary of the aircraft activities during the period of intensive aircraft observations in June and July 2016.
Full Information This report provides a preliminary summary of the aircraft research flights conducted during the June/July 2016 DACCIWA field intensive period. The 3 aircraft involved were the DLR Falcon, the SAFIRE ATR-42, and the British Antarctic Survey Twin Otter. The aircraft flew 50 missions in the period between 29th June 2016 and 16th July 2016, including some flights in support of EUFAR projects that had complimentary objectives to those of DACCIWA.
The report contains a summary of the missions conducted by the 3 aircraft and how these provided data to address the different objectives. The document also contains a mission science report for each of the 50 flights conducted during the intensive observation period.
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