Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa
Satellite Products
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DACCIWA will use a range of satellite products to investigate processes over West Africa.

The table below lists the data we are currently investigating.

Instrument (Satellite) Time period Data centre Geophysical parameter
SEVIRI (MSG) 2004–present DWD CM-SAF Cloud-top pressure
GERB (MSG) 2004–present RMIB GERB SW and LW outgoing fluxes
CERES (multiple) 1998–present NASA CERES SW and LW outgoing fluxes
MODIS (multiple) 2002–present NASA MODIS Aerosol and cloud optical depth
CloudSat and CALIPSO 2006–2011 ICARE DARDAR Collocated vertical profiles of cloud and precipitation
TRMM 1998–2015 NASA TRMM 3-hourly rainfall
 GPM  2014-present NASA GPM
half-hourly rainfall
 TAMSAT (MeteoSat)  1983-present TAMSAT daily-10 day rainfall
Cloud and aerosol optical depth

Here are some images from these instruments for 23 June 2006

A-Train instruments

top panel CloudSat reflectivity, bottom panel CALIPSO backscatter

TRMM Instrument

Daily rainfall over West Africa

CM-SAF Instrument

Cloud top pressure from the CM-SAF instrument

GERB instrument

left panel: the Short Wave radiation flux from West Africa
right panel: the Long Wave radiation flux from West Africa.