Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa
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Author: Evans, M.; Knippertz, P.; Akpo , A.; Allan, R.P.; Amekudzi, L.; Brooks, B.; Chiu, J. C.; Coe, H.; Fink, A.H.; Flamant, C.; Jegede , O.O.; Leal-Liousse, C.; Lohou, F.; Kalthoff , N.; Mari, C.; Marsham, J.H.; Yoboué, V.; Reimann Zumsprekel, C.
The document comprises the key results of the DACCIWA project and its implications for policy makers with easily understandable messages for non-experts. The document is aimed at different stakeholders such as African Governmental, the EU Commission, National Governments, NGOs and civil society.

Reporting Our Findings

This is where we will put information about the outputs from the project and a set of useful links to more information about the science and policy issues DACCIWA is involved in.